Treat Incontinence Successfully

Welcome to repairincontinence-you have made the first step in finding out about incontinence either for yourself or for a friend.

The purpose of this website is to allow people to understand the types of incontinence, the causes of urinary and bowel incontinence and provide as much information as possible to allow you to make an informed decision and hopefully treat the issue successfully.

The important thing is to try and treat the condition initially with simple things like losing weight and strengthening the pelvic area. These two things will make a significant difference to your condition.

They are not expensive to do and once you develop a habit they become easier to do-just like driving a car.

The majority of people with incontinence can be treated successfully -the problem is 60% of people have difficulty knowing where their pelvic floor muscles are and even if they do ,half are unable to contract their pelvic floor muscles correctly when given written or verbal instruction.

 So many never acheive success because of these two factors namely:

1. Failure to understand where their pelvic floor muscles are.

2. Failure to contract their pelvic floor muscles correctly.

3.Never knowing if they are making any progress or not with what they are doing and failing to control dietary intake.

Someone once said “knowledge is power” and if you have the knowledge then you also have the power to treat, minimise and solve the problem either for yourself or for a friend you want to help.

Getting the right information to start with is half the battle and what better place to do it is than on line in the privacy of your own home.

Many people are ashamed, embarrassed and feel undignified about the condition of incontinence.

First ,this is a perfectly normal response,but it is an issue affecting nearly 5 million Australians and 30 million Americans so you are not alone.

The site will try and make it as easy to understand for you as possible, but if you have a query about anything you’re unsure of drop an email and we will do our best to answer it.

Dozens of women and men of all ages just like you have had this the problem for years,but when they understood how to treat their  own condition correctly they were delighted of how simple it really is .

Age is not a factor,but motivation and desire to heal is.

Whatever your outcome having knowledge will give you the assistance to understand the consequences of having incontinence, the types of incontinence, the treatments available even the last resort of surgery.

Hope you stay and get something out of he website- good luck.

The Contents page will give you a list of the conditions related to incontinence.

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