FAQ-Questions from visitors

FAQ-Questions from visitors

What signs/symptoms of incontinence caused by these medications?

What are the signs and symptoms of incontinence caused by Quetiapine and Fluoxetine? What information do I need to know? Are there any good books you would recommend? What are the possible treatments? How long to onset from starting the medication?


Some medications can affect bladder control. Quetiapine and Fluoxetine can cause both faecal and urinary incontinence.

It has been shown with several medical trials the beneficial effects of many drugs are limited for example.

A study published in Modern Medicine Magazine says that Pelvic floor muscles exercises are safer and significantly more effective than medication for managing both stress and urgency urinary incontinence. It also said that regardless of the therapeutic approach, patient compliance is critical to long-term success.

Overall, drugs for urinary incontinence (UI) were said to have relatively little benefit, as side effects kept compliance low, and long-term safety was still questionable. Contrastingly pelvic floor muscle exercises could make a significant difference if women stuck with it, according to a Comparative Effectiveness Review conducted by the Effective Health Care Program arm of the American Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).

The signs and symptoms for incontinence include: feeling the sudden urge to pee or have a bowel movement, involuntarily leaking urine/faeces, peeing every minute, having the urge but then only a little comes out.

What does it mean to have an overactive bladder/incontinence?

I was doing a Real Age test and it asked if I have a condition known as an overactive bladder/incontinence'. I don't understand what exactly that means, so could someone please help me?


Incontinence is simply the inability to control your bladder or bowels. Urinary incontinence is actually very common among women of all ages, but it becomes more common as you get older (I suspect that's why it was being asked on the questionnaire). There are a couple of different types of urinary incontinence. One type is called "urge incontinence", but is commonly referred to as "overactive bladder" in the popular press and in drug commercials. It is basically a condition where you have sudden, very strong urges to urinate and can sometimes not get to a bathroom in time.

Does anyone know the name of good stress incontinence devices?


I saw a commercial/infomercial for devices to help with stress incontinence several months ago.
I can't remember the name of the device but it was the Kegel Exerciser. They are advertised on this site and are an amazing machine.

According to current protocols, treatment of stress incontinence mainly involves:
Pelvic Floor - exercises (Kegel exercises);
Rehabilitation involving bladder training (with bio-feedback) and avoiding stress-bearing situation - surgery for pelvic disorders.

Is it possible to cause incontinence by misplacing catheter on someone?

While I was in labour, since I had an epidural, they placed a catheter on me. Later the doctor told me they had put the catheter on incorrectly bad - where there was blood going through it. I ended up having complete incontinence for 2 weeks, where pee would just pour out of me when I stood up from bed or anything. I'm wondering if this could have been caused by the way they placed the catheter on me poorly. Thoughts?


It is possible, though a catheter wouldn't "scrape" the urethra. Also, simply having a child can be a cause of temporary incontinence. You should look up "Kegel Exercises" to help strengthen the muscles that help control urination. You should also go and visit your Gynaecologist or an Urologist. You shouldn't have to worry about wearing diapers forever, this should go away in time; but it is wise to consult the doctors who make the big bucks to ensure there is no structural damage (urethral strictures, nerve, or muscle damage).

Can sciatica contribute to or cause incontinence?

I have had this problem with incontinence for years. Used to be just a sneezing or coughing thing but it has now escalated to involuntary moments which are usually small but have been bigger. I also have severe sciatica and am unable to walk for long distances or stand on my feet for very long at a time. Could the sciatica be making it worse?


If you have had babies in the past, some of the muscles in your pelvis could be weak and causing urine to leak

Also, as you get older, you have estrogens. This can also cause relaxation of the things holding up your urethra and causing urinary incontinence

one more thing to check for is uterine prolapse as a cause for incontinence

See your Gynaecologist or an Urologist

What products work best for bowel incontinence?

I need help finding what briefs work best for bowel incontinence. I'm 20 years post anal surgery and I have Ulcerative Colitis. The colitis started after starting a driving job. I have been threw a bunch of medical tests for tumours and now bowel leakage is a problem. I have to wear protection when travelling. Many briefs I buy leak if I have an urge flow. This has been getting worse and I need better protection. Brian

Best Answer You should have a physical therapist that deals with pelvic floor issues. The therapist will determine if you would be appropriate for different treatments to help with leakage. Although it says "women's" these therapists are trained in men’s and women’s pelvic floor issues.

What’s the best way to cover or eliminate the human urine smell due to incontinence Relative living with me issues.?

I have a relative living with incontinence from an accident and hate the smell of urine. Everything’s washed daily in bleach/soap wash, but it's not enough. Know any old home remedies?


White vinegar is good at removing urine odours. One cup in the wash water will help remove odours odours. I have also used a product called ODO BAN that is good at removing odours from just about anything. I have put it into the rinse water of my washer and the clothing comes out smelling fresh and clean. It can also be sprayed onto things to help eliminate odours. I get mine at Sam's Club, but I'm sure Wal-Mart has it also.

How do I stop urinary incontinence?

I have been suffering from urinary incontinence for the past several years. I have tried doing Kegel exercises over and over again and sometimes they do slow the symptoms down, but the problem still has not been solved. What can I does that will make the problem stop?


If the Kegel Exercises are helping reduce it maybe you need to consider whether you are doing them 100% correctly. It sounds like you are getting some improvement. Most people do not do the exercise correctly so be sure you are doing it right before starting them. You should get an improvement within 2-3 weeks.

Go to the How to Kegel Exercise on this website and check to see you are doing them correctly and try them 3 times a day every day for at least 14 days then come back and let me know how you are doing.

Would you use a medical device that cures urinary incontinence and rehabilitates the pelvic floor?


The Kegel Exerciser is by far the most effective to train on. Based on the clinical trials over 90% of all people have a dramatic improvement and over 50% are healed.

Drop me an email to: info@repairincontinence.net for the details if you need to contact where the devices are.

Most women don't do the
Kegel exercises correctly or at all. This device measures daily activity.

Are Diapers A Good Solution to My Incontinence?

I have urinary and bowel incontinence, should I use diapers I can’t control when I "go" thanks.

Best Answer

Diapers are good, but can be expensive long term. There are a range of good disposable diapers you can buy which have different levels of absorbency for both bowel and urinary incontinence.

Depending on the severity of your problem pads are probably not the best alternative for bad cases.

Mattress protectors that are washable are also available.

Again these are all stop gap measures and I would strongly suggest you work on strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. Our website offers the instructions on how to them so follow those instructions carefully until you know exactly how to do them correctly.

Unless you have something anatomically wrong with you Kegel exercises are the best solution above everything else to get you back to a continent condition.
Hope this helps.


Why does RI recommend using  "living clay" so much????



Living Clay replaces many of the minerals needed in the body which are lacking in many people's diet. Without these vital minerals the bodies functions simply repair itself and lower the inflammation in an area within the body that is the causing the problem. It  tries to do so ,but if the minerals needed are not there  it cant repair and thats when the problem starts. Its like a builder trying to build a house without all the nails and screws to hold it all together. He might get the house up and it might look OK but a little wind and the whole thing collapses. Well its the same iwth our bodies nails (i.e. minerals)

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