Chronic Inflammation

I recently placed a post discussing inflammation some weeks ago, but as chronic inflammation plays such a significant role in people’s lives it is seriously worth revisiting as little is known about the consequences of it as it is the cause of many diseases people suffer from today. 

Drug companies are now switching their emphasis to exactly this particular treatment from standard drugs to anti-inflammatory type treatments to treat this condition.

Time magazine  for Dec 2012 headlined diseases children inherited today from their parents. We are literally killing ourselves through chronic inflammation in our body systems.

This website is dedicated to all conditions related  directly or indirectly to incontinence issues hence it is not unreasonable to suggest that many of the complications related to incontinence are a direct result of chronic inflammation

Inflammation is the body's attempt to self-protect with the object to remove harmful irritants or pathogens, including damaged cells and begin the healing process.However without inflammation, infections and wounds would never heal.

Try to imagine a thorn in your finger.

Inflammation is part of the body's immune response to that thorn, but there are also two types of inflammation .One is a acute(short term) inflammation caused by something as benign as a thorn in the finger, and chronic inflammation which is often continually in the body.

Chronic inflammation can cause a secondary inflammation as a response to an existing inflammation and this becomes a chronic inflammation that can occur anywhere in the body:

The following are all attributable to chronic inflammation:

arthritis ,coronary heart disease, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome endometriosis, asthma, tuberculosis, appendicitis, dermatitis, tonsilitis infective meningitis, sinusitis, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, artheriosclerosis periodontitis, pelvic pain, enlarged prostate,incontinence, heart burn, fibromyalgia, mental decline, chronic lung disease, gout,failure to lose weight,the list goes on and on.

Chronic inflammation is really a secondary inflammation, but is  dangerous because it is the body’s reaction to what it sees as a pathogen which kick starts the auto immune system to fight what it believes is a foreign body but in fact is attacking its own body.

This can go on for years undetected.

The body thereby creates a vicious cycle which can ultimately break down general health and wellbeing of the individual.

 Its because the immune system after working so long becomes somehow dysfunctional . Cancer is really the result of the immune system failing as a result of cell deaths and biochemical dysfunction

Inflammation, infections and excessive levels of insulin in the body are instigators of cancer.

 Yet, it is possible to reduce their influence upon the body and thereby dramatically lower cancer.

What causes   chronic inflammation?

Many things  in our lifestyle can be adversly affect  the body; your diet your environment, your physical health can contribute to inflammation.


Overeating  and eating the wrong food like refined foods for a period can set off a series of events which short circuit the normal signals the body gives to regulate eating habits. This in turn leads to wide spread inflammation, contributing to chronic diseases like arthritis, diabetes.

 Obesity is characterised by a low-level chronic inflammation. Several theories as to how this inflammation occurs have been proposed, but dietary choices seem to be the most important factor involved.

Foods to avoid inflammation

Excessive Vitamin B6-Vitamin B6 is widely distributed in foods in both its free and bound forms. Sources include meats, whole grain products, vegetables, nuts and bananas.

Excessive Omega 6

Some medical research suggests that excessive levels of certain fatty acids, relative to certain fatty acids, may increase the probability of a number of diseases.A high consumption of omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids found in most types of vegetable oil increase the likelihood that postmenopausal women will develop breast cancer and men will develop prostate cancer.

Gluten intolerance:is caused by the inability to digest gluten i.e. wheat, rye barley and oats and other grains. Reactions can be delayed. Gluten intolerance affects  about 20% of all people,but this number oddly is increasing . It is still unknown if GM Foods play a role in this inflammation because of their genetic changes on the plants affected and the incompatibility with the bodies natural functions including its immune system reactions to foreign bodies which it may recognise in these GM products if it exceeds the  body's tolerance level.

High meat intake is associated with an increased risk of total, cardiovascular, and cancer mortality.

Carbohydrate diet may also influence your cancer risk and the growth of tumours. Cancer cells depend on glucose more than normal cells do, and carbohydrates in the bloodstream convert quickly to glucose

Trans Fat raises your low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol ( bad blood cholesterol) and lowers your high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol ( good blood cholesterol).

Caffeine attributable to dementia, poor sleep, gallstones, high BP, cardiac arrest and several more conditions.


Stressful lifestyle, no exercise,

Heavy drinking of alcohol

Poor sleep habits


Poor Air quality

Poor water quality-Heavy metals-Pesticides-Hormones

How widespread is this

Just about everything we do in our lives today contributes to chronic inflammation in our body. Yes of course there are exceptions, but we cannot avoid purchasing food at our local supermarket, we have a few drinks at the end of the day to ease things down a little, we decide to go for a walk tomorrow, we eat too much junk food even though we would never admit it and expect to get up the next day and do it all over again and again and expect our marvelous bodies to just carry on without missing a beat.

But often inside us our bodies are exhausted, inflamed in some part of it and probably have been for years and we don’t even know it.

The good news is most inflammation can be minimised if not eliminated and if we remove the inflammation we also remove the risk of all of the nasty conditions mentioned above and dozens more not included.


Don't just assume things are Ok -try to listen to your body

Are you short of breath?

Digestive issues?

Constantly tired?


Get angry quickly?


All these and more could be signs you need to make some big changes in your life before it becomes too late.

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