Consequences-of -Incontinence

What are the Consequences-of-Incontinence?


It may start off just a 'little accident' when we sneeze or laugh, but as time goes on the consequences-of-incontinence can affect our whole health and wellbeing of each one of us.

Some people dismiss this as being overly dramatic and many women and men consider it a part of getting older.

But let’s just consider what happens...........

Fortunately there are many who never have the problem, but an increasing number of people getting older do get incontinence,

Remarkably 50% of all people with the problem are under 50 years of age.

Women in particular represent the vast majority of sufferers. It may start off as LBL (light bladder leakage) when we sneeze or cough or laugh but over time it gradually impacts on the life of those who suffer.


How does it do that?

One significant consequences of incontinence for women is the smell of urine many want to avoid this at all costs by careful planning for the day out and knowing where all the toilets are in town for shopping day.

 It’s not uncommon for victims to carry a toilet map or know exactly where all the toilets are in their local village and are always within close proximity to one.Incontinence is viewed as something of shame be it an unrealistic viewpoint it still prevails with many

A change of pants or pads is always necessary to take with oneself in the event of an accident-another consequence of incontinence.

Visiting friends or family overnight becomes something to avoid with frequent visits to their toilet in the middle of the night with the worry of waking those asleep and the thought of wetting the guest bed -well no-one wants to go there.As you can see the consequence of incontinence starts to build and we really haven't even started.

 So we avoid  situations-our visits to friends’ homes and family lessen and trips away for holidays also become another ordeal.

Gradually we isolate ourselves to avoid embarrassing moments. Physical and mental isolation creep in and as the condition worsens we spend more money on incontinence products. Average spend per year in Australia is between $700-$1000 a year on pads and diapers. In fact the cost per capita is over $14,000 a year!

Self-confidence and self-doubt begin to wane. If we are sexually active women in particular always concern themselves about accidents or smells during this activity.

And over time the stress, the worry the coping mechanisms take their toll and unexpectedly it is only a small step to where it can impact our life emotionally, socially and physically.

Continued stress can lead to irritable bowel syndrome or endometriosis.hysterectomy

Suddenly one day we find we have a pereneal dermatitis around our nether regions caused by chronic incontinence.

Left untreated, catheterisation can be left as the last option for incontinence an option people do not like to consider, but in some instances may be necessary

Now I hear you say -this is taking a little accident a way bit too far, but the stastistics don’t lie.

As an example over 70% of people in retirement homes will wet the bed tonight. A large percentage of sufferers with urinary incontinence often become bowel incontinent as well. Even younger men and women suffer this problem. Are you saying this is not going to impact on their lives either? Have their chances of a marriage mate been affected if not by others but by their own estimation. What about time off work?

The consequences-of-incontinence are profound and there are ways to reduce this and minimise its effect on the people who are afflicted with this disease. Those with urinary incontinence often end up with bowel incontinence.

Did you know that 70% of all people in nursing homes will wet the bed tonight as a consequence of incontinence being left untreated?

Don’t leave it too late –if you have a symptom now take the time to learn how to correct it and know 70% of all sufferers can avoid this problem effectively with learning how to correct it through Kegel Exercises  and enjoy life or ignore it at your peril.

People can be treated successfully, in some instances permanently or at least their condition improved dramatically

Some of the consequences-of-incontinence for men and women with chronic and worsening incontinence can lead to:

Skin inflammation ulcers,

Social isolation

A financial burden for purchase of incontinence products until its treated

Physical isolation

General decline in overall health and well being

Loss of self-confidence and self-belief

Complications involving surgical procedures that leads to more complications

The possibility of death through complications and infection

Lack of mobility

These are just some of the related issues and it can be alarming how profound the consequences of incontinence which can lead eventually to these types of complications and more suggested above.




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