Endometriosis is a condition in which small pieces of the lining of the uterus are found in locations outside the uterus.

It is a long term condition and the length of time for prognosis can vary. It is present in 70% of adolescents and young women with pelvic pain who do not respond to oral contraceptives or anti-inflammatory medications.


Endometriosis may display some of the following symptoms:

Period painful and ovulation pain and heavy bleeding during periods

Endometriosis can have different growths, or areas of hard tissue or cysts that are painful.

Some women have pelvic pain caused by pressure from a cyst or growth or by scarring (adhesions) so sitting in certain positions or certain activities can initiate the onset of immediate and sharp pain in the uro-genital area.

Endometriosis may be diagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or bladder pain syndrome (BPS/IC). Bowel symptoms may include abdominal pain and spasms, painful bowel movements, constipation, loose stools, nausea and vomiting.

Bladder symptoms include pain in the bladder region, frequent urination, urgency and burning when urinating.

The range and severity of symptoms and pain increases as the disease progresses in some patients, but, although they do not progress in all patients. One noticeable symptom is the ineffectiveness of oral pain killers when the disease progresses which do mitigate the pain in fact many are unable to carry out normal everyday chores because of the pain.

Treatment options

The treatment options for endometriosis include:

· Mild cases of endometriosis which may only require monitoring with your doctor or gynaecologist.

· Non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs can assist ion controlling any pain. However a mild condition can become severe.

· Hormone therapy can sometimes be an effective way to manage the symptoms of endometriosis. Options for hormone therapy include a range of hormone prescriptions including but not limited to the following: Gastrin, Dydrogesterone, GnRH, Medro-xyprogesterone, The Pill, and Danazol.

It should be pointed out that all hormone treatments do have side effects so be aware of them and ask your doctor before you start


is and should always be the last option on the table when all else has failed. Many times surgery is successful, but much time it is not leaving the victim worse off than earlier with incontinence and hormone replacement for life in some instances. These types of surgery could be laparoscopic – or keyhole surgery is performed, bowel surgery, hysterectomy or open surgery.

You may be required to have hormone therapy before and after surgery –sometimes for a considerable time

Remember all these operations can work out well or not work out in your favour so ensure the surgeon is: experienced, you have a second opinion and there are no other options on the table.

Supplementary Treatments

are fast becoming more and more sophisticated and the knowledge of them is growing. Some of those options may include: Chinese medicine, acupuncture, herbal medicines, Homeopathy, and Naturopathy. Many women strongly recommend these types of treatments so take the time to visit naturopaths and get their assessment of your condition.

Take with you the diagnosis from your GP or Gyno as this will help. Get a second opinion as well if unsure. Many naturopaths are highly qualified and will have a good knowledge of your condition and what to do to treat and heal you.

It’s always worth trying something a little different so have enough faith to find out and learn from these highly qualified professionals because doctors simply do not have all the answers by any means.

If they are seeing 30-40 patients a day –do you really think they are going to take a week off to study up on some alternative therapy to treat you with?

Many doctors do not have not the time or the energy to do this and generally complimentary treatments fall outside their protocols.

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