Enlarged Prostate

Enlarged prostate

(BPH) Benign prostatic hypertrophy

Sometimes when men get older, over 50-60 an overactive bladder    can result caused ofetn by an enlarged prostate requiring several visits to the toilet at night. This caused disrupted sleep which can if prolonged create additional health problems.

Sometimes the flow is not strong and urinating at  the toilet may not follow feel unsatisfied.becausing of not voiding completely.

Sometimes dribbling after urinating , the inability to urinate, blood in the urine or the inability to empty, straining to urinate , poor stream flow are all symptom of an enlarged prostate.

About 20% of men are affected and generally as ageing increases so does the numbers affected.

If any of these symptoms are present then your best plan of action is to visit your doctor who will perform a series of tests.

One of these, which is  not terribly pleasant,involves a digital rectal examination so the doctor can feel if the prostate is enlarged.

It takes only a few moments but most men hate it understandably. But if you have got to do it, it’s best to get it over and done with.

Your doctor may also perform a pressure and flow tests of urine, and most likely a PSA test which is a blood test and urine sample.

Probably he will ask you some questions and all of these symptoms put together will give him a clear picture of the problem you are having and its causes.


Your prognosis will determine what the doctor recommends. They may include lifestyle changes, medication, further testing or surgery.

If it’s a mild case he may require you to just cut down on alcohol and coffee and too much to drink before bedtime and avoid taking diuretics as well as having an annual check-up and some exercise.

If it is prostate surgey it may require some further testing by clinicians to ascertain its progress, type and treatment

Kegel Exercises

Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles through Kegel Exercising, and keeping warm in colder climates will reduce your urge to urinate and exercising both general fitness and Kegel exercises are good options to take up.

As an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and detoxifying treatment as well as healer of wounds "Pure South Clay"

has proved very successful in treating many people with a wide range of condiitons.

Repair Incontinence endorses this product.

It should not affect any medicine or drugs you are taking and will help enormously to lower inflammation in your body and thereby reduce or eliminate much of the pain and symptoms.



There are a wide range of medicines to be used to which your doctor will inform you about. Blood pressure tablets help relax the muscles in the bladder and prostate making urinating easier.

There are also a range of tablets which inhibit the production of hormones by the prostate, but sometimes can take a while to work effectively meaning the benefit may take a while to kick in. Be sure to ask your doctor of any side effects.

Sometimes bacterial infections may be the cause of bladder problems which may require you antibiotics. If this is the case it can often mean the bladder problem is temporary once the infection is cleared up.

With the increasing concern in the amount of drugs people are taking today it’s always a good option to look at herbal treatments and there are many doctors and naturopaths that can suggest alternatives.

Be sure to get a second opinion if you are unsure before taking them and do not always take one doctors opinion as gospel.


Surgery is always a serious matter for anyone but it may be the only alternative you are left with.

Your test results will determine the course of action your doctor recommends.

There are several types of surgery available some which are less invasive than others, but generally men will have improved urine flow and less problems following surgery.

One downside can often be incontinence and this will depend on the degree of invasive surgery as well as the expertise of the surgeon.

Nerve damage is always a possibility when prostate surgery is performed so it is important to ask the surgeon how experienced he is, how many operations he has performed like yours and the percentage of patients with complications following the surgery.

After Surgery

Erectile dysfunction and incontinence can be two noticeable side effects of surgery.

To minimise these it is important to prepare weeks before surgery and to do this it is a good idea to strengthen thepelvic floor muscles as best you can. This will shorten your timeline for a better recovery providing there is not too much nerve damage during the operation. Notwithstanding this a stronger pelvic muscle group will assist greatly in your recovery.

Not doing anything about your pelvic floor exercises can leave you with longer periods of incontinence as well as chronic erectile dysfunction.

Over time an enlarged prostate can increase the symptoms so it is important to keep a close watch and ‘listen to your body’ do not dismiss any symptoms and be aware of what may arise.

Learn and study about prostate issues.A PSA blood test can be done annually but a specific EN2 urine test is more accurate than a PSA .

PSA tests have shown to give false negatives so if there is a history of prostate problems in you or your family take the urine test as a check up.

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