How to do -Kegel Exercises

Knowing how to perform Kegel Exercises or pelvic floor exercises is the topic of this page.

If you can understand the idea behind what will be explained in detail and perform them regularly you are one of the lucky ones. As mentioned earlier, 50% of all people are unable to contract their pelvic floor muscles when given written or verbal instructions so here goes......

First of all, sit in a chair where you are comfortable. You feet are placed squarely on the ground.

It's important to understand that if you are writhing about in the chair when you perform the exercise you are doing them incorrectly.

Imagine you have gas in your back passage and you do not want to let fly with releasing it. You contract the muscle in your back passage ,which forms part of the pelvic muscle group ,to hold it in.

Now if you have trouble with this choice your second option is to imagine you are at the toilet and you want to stop mid stream while you are urinating.

This also will just as well as the first choice to contract the pelvic floor muscle

There should be no movement of your tummy, back, shoulders or legs, you should not be able to see any movement of anyone doing the exercise correctly and no one should see you performing the exercise.

You should feel like there is a piece of string inside you lifting your pelvis. In some instances it may be very weak in others not so. Men seem to understand the back passage (option 1) better than the second option (option2) .

Now once you can feel yourself doing this exercise correctly you need to practise it say 5 sets of exercises 3 times a day.

When doing the 5 sets take a pause for 30 seconds between each set and repeat the exercise.

Do less if you cannot manage 5 as your daily routine, but quite quickly you will soon improve your pelvic strength and are able to do more reps.

It may not initially happen , in which case just do as much as you can ,but don't overdo it and remember no straining or visible contortions whatsoever .

The pelvic muscles are broken into 2 groups- slow twitch and fast twitch.

Fast twitch is used for quick bursts of energy similar to a sprinter running the 100metres. A short distance, but using great amounts of energy .Well those muscles are also present in your pelvic area.They are designed to contract quickly when you cough or sneeze so they can contract quickly to prevent accidents from happening.

These quick contractions will quite rapidly strengthen with repeated daily exercises of these muscles.

So your fast twitch exercise should go something like this: Count: '1and(relax)and 2(and)relax 3 (and)relax 4 (and) relax5 (and) relax)' Should take about 5-10 seconds each set.

You need to repeat a set 3 times.( total of 15 contractions as a minimum-but do more if you can))

Now if you can only do 3 thats fine as the muscle strength will still improve.The important thing is to exercise them regularly and correctly. Doing them correctly is the key-I cannot stress this enough.

The second lot of muscle type is called slow twitch. Slow twitch is used by a long distance runner as opposed to a sprinter who would run a marathon. In other words the muscle has a sustained strength and works over a longer period of time releasing less energy as it works.

These muscle types are used for general strengthening so they work all day for you to keep the pelvic floor area stronger ,more firmer in tone and healthier.

So the exercise to do is as follows: as you contract your pelvic muscle, count '1(and hold) 2,3,4,5(relax)and then -2(and hold)2,3,4,5(and relax) and-3 (and hold)2,3,4,5 (and relax) and-4 (and hold )2,3,4,5- 5 (and relax) and 2,3,4,5 and relax .You should hold for about 5-7 secs on each contraction

You will need to 3 sets 3 times a day. Pause after each set for about 15sec then do the next set-relaxing the muscle is as important as contracting it.

So in summary Fast twitch=5 contractions lasting about 5 seconds in total

And Slow Twitch = 5 contractions with each contraction lasting 10 seconds in total.

Remember not to strain or use your tummy muscles or legs you should not see the exercise,but feel it.

If you find it too tough in a chair then lie down and do the same set ,but ultimately you want to be able to do the exercises in a chair.

Continue doing this everyday for 14 days and do both groups 3 times a day.It will take you all of about 2 minutes to do.

You can do it driving, watching TV, reading a book or just sitting, but do them.

If you wish to purchase a Kegel Exerciser this will guide you more accurately in your exercises and measure and record your regular progress

Have a leap of faith and give it a go and you will be amazed how quickly your pelvis starts to regain its strength and your incontinence will start to diminish if not go away.

I have treated hundreds of people and know for a fact at least 70% recovered completely.

Once recovered you can reduce your frequency of exercising to to 3-4 days a week or whenever you have time just do them and get into the habit of doing them.Some women perform them in the car when the lights are red -Great idea!

This will treat urinary and bowel incontinence .

Good luck and let me know how you do.


What are the benefits to stronger pelvic floor muscles??

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