Incontinence Products

There are on the market a wide range of incontinence products to consider.

From products like incontinence pads and diapers to incontinence devices which the sufferer to regain her/his strength back to eliminate incontinence. It is the main area I would like to discuss ,but will also critique other products as well.

There can be risks in dealing with this wide range ,but there might also be benefits. Remember there are about 30 million in US and 5 million in Australia alone who suffer from incontinence so every man and his dog will be trying to sell you something because the market is so huge.

I will try to put forward in a straight forward manner the risks and benefits of each product and give it a star rating of no stars,being dont touch it to 5 stars being the best value on the market .

Each product will be discussed and evaluated on following pages. I hope you take the time to read if it is your interest.

Many centres advocate the use of dispoable diapers and pads ,but are the really safe for you and are there better alternatives?

If in the long run you are worse of with the use of something is it really going to be better for you?

Some of the products we will discuss and you are free to query are below:

Please note if there is no link at present to the product or device below we do not available presently ,but are currently working on a range of items to meet a high standard for you

Types of Drugs

Rewashable panties for women

Rewashable panties for men

Rewashable panties for kiddies

Reusable waterproof mattresses pad

Catheter Packs


Disposable Diapers

Disposable pads

Bedside Commodes

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