Incontinence Treatments

Incontinence Treatments

How should you treat incontinence?

Accept it as it is and let it steadily get worse or take care of it?

I knew of a woman badly affected by bladder and bowel incontinence.

This poor woman had been born with cerebral cerebral palsy. Years ago they called these people spastic and I don’t want to sound disrespectful but that is the term used years ago so you may recognise her condition.

She also explained she had tried all manner of drugs without sucess

She was aged over seventy years and had tried several incontinence treatments without success for 60 years from the age of 9 or 10 years old, walking with a walker all that time and had a speech impediment to top it off.

She lived alone in a nursing home (yes you can be alone even in a nursing facility) and had wet the bed every night continuously for over 60 years.

At the time the new device called the Kegel Exerciser had just been introduced to Australia. It is a remarkable device, which measures the strength of pelvic floor muscles and trains people to recover very effectively through recording and measuring strength as well as using bio-feedback.

She sat in the chair and we talked about her condition.

It was explained to her what how the chair worked and how it would enable her to gain her strength back and minimise or eliminate both her bowel and urinary incontinence.

She reluctantly complied with the instructions given her, but her initial strength was so poor it barely registered on the computer reading, but there was enough to register the smallest amount of strength.

She was required to come back for incontinence treatment for 30 mins 2 days a week and instructed what and how to perform the exercises necessary to help in recovery and how frequently she should perform these exercises when at home.

This woman was intelligent and sensitive, but did not have much faith in what was being suggested to her, but agreed to go along with the program for a few weeks despite her scepticism.

The following week she returned and at the end of the first week with her strength nearly doubled. As significant as this was there was no real improvement in her incontinence whatsoever.

Over the next few weeks this lady made steady progress in regaining her pelvic strength and at the sixth week of treatment she was dry 90% of the time both day and night. She eventually went on to a complete recovery with a complete clearance of incontinence.

Not only was this woman amazed but grateful as well.

My point in telling this is to illustrate that if a disabled women who had suffered for 60 years could receive incontinence treatment and be healed then many others can as well -including you!

Learning how to do Kegel Exercises correctly is critical to your success as most people do not know how so click here to learn 

There is one condition though which is required which is the determination and discipline needed to finish the program.

Doing so will give all who participate an excellent chance of, recovery and improvement of in their condition of stress, urge or bowel incontinence through this treatment.

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