Losing Weight is Easier Than You Think 

Why we put on weight

Everyone should now know why we put on weight,but I will repeat it for those who do not know.

If you consume more calories in a day than you burn off in daily living or exercise then the additional calories are stored in your body as fat.

The problem is people fall into the delusion of starving their bodies and depriving it of essential minerals, vitamins and proteins so the bodies metabolism slows down and burns less calories because it is receiving less food intake.

Sounds like you can't win , doesn't it ,but if you eat normal healthy food  in normal portions there is a very good probability you will lose weight.

There are a couple of things you need to understand here in order to acheive this.

The first things are sugars and breads or carbohydrates.

In the last 30 years the amount of consumption of these two things has trebled in the foods we buy from supermarkets. There are literally thousands of products with corn syrup in the food lines at the local supermarket.So you have to be aware of this and not buy them. Breakfast cereals are exteremly high , soft drinks, breads are all full of it .

Sugar is extremely dangerous to the body particularly white sugar or corn syrups.They promote cancer in the body and deprive it of good nutrition in fact cancer loves sugar and will use it to increase the growth of tumours .

Unfortunately just about everything in the super market has corn syrup in it and the reason for that is people years ago were always told to cut down on the fat they eat so food manufacturers did so but when they took the fat out of their products the food was no longer as tasty so what did they do ?

Thats right they increased the amount of sucrose and fructose in their products and over the last 30-40 years we have seen people become steadily more overweight.

Funny thing is fat will not increase your weight like sugars or carbs and will not spike your insulin levels.

Carbohydrates are  best characterised as white foods  like bread, flour, rice, oats.The term carbohydrate often means any food that is particularly rich in the complex carbohydrate starch (such as cereals, bread, and pasta) or simple carbohydrates, such as sugar (found in candy, jams, and desserts).Foods with high carbohydrate are often highly processed or refined foods made from plants; including sweets, cookies & candy, table sugar, honey, soft drinks, breads & crackers, jams and fruit products, pastas and breakfast cereals. Unrefined foods usually contain lower amounts of carbohydrate; including beans, tubers, rice, and unrefined fruit.

Now what happens when you eat sugars or carbohydrates it spikes your insulin levels in the body.

These unused sugars and carbohydrates if unused by the bodies energy demands will store this as fat and thats why most people put on all this weight because because they cannot break the habit of eating breads and sugar.

These sugars and carbs promote multiple problems in the body such as cancer, chronic inflammation which is a precursor in the body to heart disease, obesity and cancer . 

 Humans are able to obtain 100% of their energy requirement from protein and fats which means you could live without carbohydrates and survive quite well.

In fact you would lose weight if you just cut out all your starch and sugars in your diet. Thats right if you stick with eating meats ( not processed meats) and vegetables that have a low GI and stick with a high protein diet you will lose weight.

If you just walk for 30 minutes a day and do these two things you will lose weight.

Breaking the bread and starch habit is hard , something like giving up cigarettes ,but if you can you will fell better and healthier and lose weight.

Stay away from sodas, breads, cakes, and sweet things and it will work.  

Give it a try -you will be amazed!-Goodluck

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