Men's Incontinence

Men represent a smaller percentage of the population who suffer from incontinence, primarily because they do not have babies.Thank goodness! I hear you say!

Notwithstanding this there are several reasons why men do get incontinence which are similar in respects of women who contend with the anatomically related issues but are affected to a greater extent.

Any disease, condition, or injury that damages nerves can lead to urinary or bowel complications. Nerve damage can occur at any age. Stroke, Parkinson's disease, and multiple sclerosis all affect the brain and nervous system, so the message from the brain to the bowel or bladder is interrupted.

The long term ramifications of having incontinence for anybody can be serious and sometimes life threatening.

As repeated in this website as much as often as possible -take care of the problem as soon as you discover you have a symptom of the disease.


1. Many men view incontinence as a taboo subject and find it embarrassing to discuss with their golf buddies and many just accept it as a part of getting older.-It is surprising how many men have both bowel and urinary incontinence and have had it for years-It’s been deemed ‘the silent secret’

2. “It’s normal to leak urine and happens when you get older “– Bladder leakage is neither normal nor inevitable. Almost 50% of people who suffer from bladder leakage are under 40 some as young as 18.

3.“Surgery is the best option” – In most cases surgery should be the last option and its absolutely critical to consider every other option before surgery because surgery is never risk free and it can alter your life permanently . Also it is generally irreversible if things go wrong.

4.“I don’t know anyone else who suffers from it “– 22% of the population of Australia suffers from incontinence. Nearly 80% of those are female. Over 20 million people are affected in the USA alone.

5.“A little bladder leakage can be bothersome when it’s new to you”-A little bladder leakage is a warning sign to you to treat the problem. How long would you leave your car unrepaired if smoke was pouring out the exhaust? Is it going to get worse if you leave it ?Well it certainly isn’t going to get any better, right? Yet we do exactly that with our own bodies.


6. About 70% of all incontinence cases are treatable and many curable completely-Take action! Listen to your body and take care of matters NOW!

Causes of male urinary incontinence

Male urinary incontinence:

Nerve injury: Damage to nerves in the head or spinal area by disease or trauma can result in loss of bladder control as messages passing from the brain to the bladder are interrupted or lost. The loss can be either on a temporary or permanent basis.

Diseases that can cause male urinary incontinence: Neurological diseases, both cancerous and benign, degenerative diseases such as Parkinson's disease and Multiple Sclerosis are just some of reasons for loss of urination control.

Infection: In urinary tract infection incontinence may be the only symptom of what can be a serious infection. Treatment is with antibiotics.


Brain damage occurs as we get older and can affect both the way in which our bodies function and how we think. Body parts simply start to wear out through normal wear and tear.

Toxins: Too much alcohol is one is one of the commoner causes of temporary or one off types of incontinence.

Medications: Common to this type of incontinence is the drugs that have a sedating effect especially if given in high doses.

Mental State: Emotional distress and illness can lead to urinary incontinence.

Enlarged prostate has now become more common in men and affects nearly 80% of all men at some stage in their lives..... read more

How can you determine if you are incontinent-take the self evaluation test here

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