Essential Minerals for your Health

Montmorillonite is a very soft phylosilicate group of minerals that typically form in microscopic crytals, forming a clay. It is named after Montmorillon in France.

Chemically it is hydrated sodium calcium aluminium magnesium silicate hydroxide (Na,Ca)0.33(Al,Mg)2(Si4O10)(OH)2·nH2O.

The reason for its significance in health is it achieves optimum growth and health and body function when ingested by people.

It does this because many of the essential minerals we should be receiving from our fruit and veges and meat are no longer there and much of the food we consume is homegenised junk bearing no benefit to the body even if we eat supermarket fruit and veges many are mineral deficient.

For the body’s cells to carry out everyday functions it must have these minerals and if these minerals are not in the body at the time it needs them things start to go wrong.

The area of concern where those minerals might be needed suddenly to fix a damaged breakdown means it may become inflamed –not that anyone would notice because this inflammation is deep inside the body unable to be initially detected.

Inflammation is a result of a disruption in the body’s chemistry and  the body attempting to protect itself  and repair the damaged area .Its trigger to do is it becomes inflamed so it can begin the process of repair.

But to begin repair it needs certain minerals in the body the cells will run around scavenging for these minerals–but ultimately the body can’t do its job properly even though it’s trying if the essential minerals to fix the problem are not there. There may be some but not enough.

So the area of damage becomes chronically inflamed and despite all its efforts the immune system starts to not operate properly as a result some cells may start to dysfunction and send incorrect messages to other cells to try and fix the damaged cells, but because of this dysfunction in a complex process of cell messaging from one to another things start to go awry and what can happen is illness, cancer and a whole chain reaction eventually causing major problems. In other words if one part of the body is affected by this break down it sets off a chain reaction affecting other parts.

It’s like trying to get a car to run with no oil in it. It may go for little while but not for too long-the engine becomes ‘inflamed’ and eventually konks out! 

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So coming back to the original idea that if you provide the correct minerals to your body and 3 of the main essential ones are: Potassium, Calcium, and Magnesium then many of these problems will not arise providing you do not have a predisposition to a certain condition. By that it may mean your parents passed on certain genes that may cause you to get a certain condition or disease. Even in that circumstance taking these essential minerals may help the body work against the faulty genes.

That’s why Pure South Living Clay is so important to use.

And it’s not expensive!

It’s also important for people particularly who are getting older and need extra minerals for bones, brains and body to function as best they can.

So try it and see what the response you get is like because I have heard so many good reports about it and the logic and reason behind it is sound.

Check out some of the testimonials for yourself.

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