What is Stress Incontinence?

Stress incontinence is the most common type of incontinence around the world.

It is caused by the leaking of an amount of urine under strain or force for example when you cough, sneeze, giggle, laugh, stand or walk.

What you do about stress incontinence will depend on how far it affects you and what you feel you can cope with. A lot of people believe it is part of getting older and to ‘live with it’, but the problem with this is the condition can deteriorate over time if left untreated.

Firstly stress is not part of getting older, secondly surgery is most assuredly an option for you, but it also should be your last option when all else has failed.

The reason for this is there are always a number of people who undergo different surgeries to correct incontinence and the end result can be ending up worse off with additional problems. There is no guarantee with this type of surgery the outcome will always work in your favour and once the surgery is done its very difficult to reverse it.

There are a range of procedures which are: Birch Colposuspension,Tension-free vaginal tape( TVT),Natural Tissue Sling(NTS), Synthetic Tissue Sling(STS),Bulking agents, Manual sphincter insert are all different procedures you can have .

Thank goodness most people do not go there, but you should be aware each one involves the implant of a tape or sling ,bulking agents around the neck of the bladder or actual tap like devices you manually turn on and off yourself when you want to go to the toilet.

Best to avoid all of these if possible.

In normal circumstances the muscles of the pelvic floor support the bladder and usually help keep it closed or open as necessary,but stress incontinence usually happens when these muscles become weak.

So when there is sudden extra pressure (‘stress’) on your bladder, it cannot stay closed as it should then some urine leaks out. Whether you leak a small or large amount of urine, stress incontinence can be embarrassing and distressing.

It is not uncommon for men or women with the condition to carry map locations of all the toilets in their town so if in shopping in town they can make a dash to the closet to avoid an accident.

Women in particular worry about the smell of urine and also lose confidence over time and increasingly avoid contact with others citing excuses to not visit or stay over with friends or family because of incontinence.

Sexual activity declines because nothing can stop a moment quicker than a little accident and pretty soon the fear of it becomes an obstacle to intimacy

This ultimately ends up with them becoming isolated from others as a result and this gradual decline in socialising incorporates its own set of problems for the sufferer.

Take care of it before it takes care of you

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