Treating Chronic Inflammation 

Geophagy and the Treatment of Chronic Inflammation

Pure South Mineral Rich Detoxing Clay

Geophagy is the regular and deliberate consumption of natural earth ( clay or soil) materials, .It is widespread in the animal kingdom.

Now I am not suggesting you go out to the backyard of your home and eat a handful of dirt –chances are you might feel a little squeamish about the idea.

But it is widespread and common practice for many animals throughout the world to supplement their diet with minerals and salts deficient in their diet from clay.

It is a known fact African Elephants travel literally hundreds of miles in extraordinarily hot and harsh conditions just to eat a special type of clay in a particular location not found in their own backyard.

Baboons, zebras in fact a huge range of the animal kingdom resort to this behaviour instinctively knowing their bodies need this “living clay” Pregnant animals in particular seem to consume more than their males counterparts for obvious reasons.

When an early Indian tribe of California consumed clay with a bitter and toxic acorn, the clay absorbed the poisons and eliminated the bitterness avoiding them being poisoned and becoming ill.

In an experiment performed under laboratory conditions, rats voluntarily ate clay in response to gastrointestinal problems induced by poisoning.

It is important as humans we appreciate sometimes the dietary regime we follow, despite our best intentions, may not provide adequate intake of minerals and salts to prevent certain conditions from arising such as inflammation stemming from a deficient diet.

A lifestyle without proper nutritional elements, sufficient rest, and a balanced lifestyle weakens the immune system.

Our food is over processed, homogenised, chemicals added like preservatives often lacking essential trace elements, minerals and micronutrients. Without the basic minerals, life cannot exist; without trace elements , major deficiencies develop making it impossible for the body to maintain good health and function properly particularly with the onset of age and illnesses.

Inflammation can lead to malfunction of the immune system which leads to chronic inflammation because certain cells are scavenging throughout the body looking for essential salts and minerals not there to repair an already inflamed condition. As a result the immune system goes into overdrive until it fails to function properly resulting in a medical breakdown.

I am referring to chronic inflammation which is the basis of most health issues nearly all people can and do experience at sometime. You name it; almost all conditions affecting our health adversely can be traced back to chronic inflammation caused by a deficient intake of adequate salts and minerals to the body.

Treat the cause not the symptom


Detoxify and Remineralise - USE DAILY

Minerals provide the building blocks from which the body

can achieve optimum health for proper growth and body


The recommended dose for Living Clay is 1 level

tablespoon each night before bed or 3 capsules.

Every day we introduce into our bodies toxins in food, poor quality water,polluted air and medications we take all of which adversely affect us.

Living clay’s’ key benefits are:

Treats Irritable Bowel Syndrome,

Reduces Gout

Improves Arthritis and Joint Mobility

Detoxifies Heavy Metals and Mercury fillings

Diminishes Digestion and Heart Burn Issues,

Enhancing Skin, Hair& Nails

Reduces/Eliminates bad Parasites

Lessening painful Ulcers,

Lowers Menstruation problems PMT

Lowering chronic inflammation in the body

Greatly promotes longer Uninterrupted Sleeps

Provides more Energy

Stronger Immune system

 Living Clay is a multi-functional mineral complex containing over 67 minerals

with a strong ionic cleansing capacity.

One simple supplement - several vital functions.

 It is vital to appreciate that the cause of chronic and degenerative disease is a result the body’s vital system of co-dependency with other organs in the body has broken down. Until we fully understand this, we will go on treating the symptom and not the cause of these conditions.

Take the example of a forest-each organism, each living plant from the smallest fungi, to every living insect like the ant to the largest animals and plants living within this forest. Each and every one of these species is relying either directly or indirectly for its survival on other species in the forest. If you take one of these key species out of the system, there’s a very good chance the whole forest system will collapse. It’s the same with our bodies. The presence of disease in any system impacts all systems.

By taking these certain salts and minerals from this special clay we do two things that benefit us:

1.We are able to  detoxify the whole  body  from  pathogens and poisons causing disruption and inflammation

2.And more importantly to remineralise our body’s deficiency with respect to these essential elements needed for normal healthy function.

However not all clays are the same in fact there is one unique and particular type of clay proven to work incredibly effectively. It is sometimes referred to as “The King of Clays” and the name of it is: Calcium Montmorillonite Clay” (CMC).

This clay has also been used extensively in the treatment of a wide range of many conditions successfully like ;irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, open wounds, colitis, diarrhoea, constipation ,haemorrhoids, stomach ulcers, kidney stones, intestinal problems, acne, anaemia, and a whole range of other health issues.

As an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and detoxifying treatment as well as healer of wounds "Pure South Clay"

has proved very successful in treating many people with a wide range of condiitons.

Repair Incontinence endorses this product.

It should not affect any medicine or drugs you are taking and will help enormously to lower inflammation in your body and thereby reduce or eliminate much of the pain and symptoms.


Is It Snake Oil?

Now I know this may sound like snake oil, but it really does work!

“Calcium Montmorillonite Clay” contains no less than 67 minerals including: calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, manganese, and silica as well as trace elements appearing in very tiny amounts. The mineral content being extremely high sets the stage for replenishing dietary deficiencies.

Furthermore, minerals are the carriers of the electrical potential in the cells which enable the hormones, vitamins, and enzymes to function properly.

There are 3 main essential elements to the body Calcium (Ca) Magnesium (Mg) and Potassium (K).As an example; when the body loses large amounts of calcium it weakens the body and increases the chance of osteoporosis.Unfortunately even taking supplements to compensate cannot reverse the severe damage done.

But amazingly (CMC) Calcium Montmorillonite Clay can!

This means the clay supplement contains certain molecular factors other than just calcium which promote improved calcium utilisation and bone strengthening and electrokinetic properties as well.What this means is its ability to travel quickly and effectively to certain types of other molecules and get to working.

The detoxification capability of clay is related to the ionic absorbing qualities of clay.

From the virgin shores of New Zealand this particular Calcium Montmorillonite Clay (CMC) is one of the rarest and the best qualities of its type in the world.

Pure South has had rave reviews and I strongly recommend if you have any of the following conditions you try it:

Insomnia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Constipation,

arthritis, open wounds, colitis, diarrhoea, constipation ,haemorrhoids, stomach ulcers, kidney stones, intestinal problems, acne, anaemia, enlarged prostate

I would be delighted to hear of your success with this clay after treatments to see how much you have improved. Please let me know of your success so we can share it with others.

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