Types of Incontinence

Despite all the confusing language about incontinence ,there are really only 4 types of incontinence which cover a wide range of symptoms

The first and most common one is Stress Incontinence ,the second form of incontinence is Urge Incontinence and the third is Mixed Incontinence and the fourth type is Bowel Incontinence

However within these groups of types of incontinence you will find a range of types of incontinence.

Just to confuse you!

Not really,but different names are used to describe the same type for example stress incontinence can also be called functional, mixed incontinence can be called complex incontinence.


The important thing to remember is all incontinences cause bladder or bowel leakage and many of these leakages are created by different things that happen to you. For example getting older generally causes stress incontinences, having an operation in the uro-genital area can cause urge incontinence,but can cause stress incontinence as well.

Nocturia can be a range of things ,but generally it is not weak pelvic musles. It can be the result of underlying problems such as: excess fluid intake before bed, medicines, alcohol, caffeine, reduced bladder capacity,

But nocturia can occur because of a symptom of a greater problem. Certain conditions can alter the way in which your body functions causing urine to be passed in the evening and during sleep. Such conditions include:Diabetes mellitus ,Diabetes insipidus ,High blood pressure ,Heart disease ,Congestive heart failure ,Vascular disease ,Restless leg syndrome,Sleep disorders

Mixed Incontinence is when symptoms of both stress and urge incontinence are present.

One symptom may be slightly more so than the other,but in many cases it will related back to a weak pelvic area that has gradually worsened to the point of not functioning effectively anymore

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