How important are the correct minerals and vitamins?

Vitamins and Minerals –are they really important in our diet.?

There have literally been 100s of surveys done to establish the optimal diet for people living in western society and elsewhere in the world.

Diets of 1000s of people have been examined and yet doctors today still do not place a great emphasis on dietary intake.

The question always is asked why the medical profession as a general does this.

It really has little to do with science or medicine but has become a political issue in which the commercial community and the government repeatedly denouncing vitamin and mineral supplements as not much more than useless?

Why is it chemists and pharmacists are finding their biggest turnover in stock selling health supplements in these very things ,other groups have labelled to be of little value?

Today because of commercial “hot housing”(a process of accelerated growing, of fruit and vegetables )is  done by nearly every commercial fruit and vege grower is the quality of the food compromised?.

As a result much of the soil plants are grown in, become deficient in many of the essential minerals humans so vitally needed for us to function in a healthy day to day way, will that impact our helath?

Often it may take years decades to replenish the land with appropriate minerals lost .

Even in the face of overwhelming evidence many sceptics contend nutritional supplements are worthless.

But there is research to clearly show there is a direct correlation between nutrient status and immune strength.

But conservative medicine says taking vitamin and mineral supplements are not necessary if we eat a balanced diet. This is simplistic and ignores the fact many of the diseases society faces today are a direct result of nutrient deficiency   over a long period of time for each and every one of us.

The most important point missed by the conservatives is the quality of the food being consumed and fruit and vegetables are interchangeable when in fact they represent completely different mixes of nutrients.

About 85% of  people  do not eat a well-balanced diet containing the necessary mineral and vitamin nutrients  and it is important in planning a diet to eat good quality fruit and veges.

Supermarket food is always in abundance ,but we should  question where it was grown , how it was grown and the level of herbicides and hormones used to get it to market in the shortest possible time after all time is money to the grower and the faster he can harvest his crop and get it to the market the sooner he gets his money and can go onto the next crop.

There is  also a huge range of the same fruits in supermarkets that come from a wide area of growers with different soil and climate conditions and analysis  of these fruit and veges  show some with absolutely  minimal to average nutritional value.

Consistent studies have been conducted to compare the frequency of cancer, heart disease and other illnesses in groups eating a variable but average diet.

These studies showed consistently that individuals with the lowest intake of dietary vitamins A, C, E, beta carotene have six times the risk of certain types of cancer compared with subjects consuming the highest amount of these vitamins.

It stands to reason that less than optimal nutrition will results in a larger percentage of people with a range of these varying diseases.

Individuals taking prescription drugs routinely can and do interfere with the normal absorption and essential nutrients as does women who are on oral contraception which interfere with vitamin, mineral and amino acid metabolism contributing to a deficiency in Vitamins like B2, B6, Folic Acid, C, Magnesium and zinc.

And then people wonder why they get breast and ovarian cancers!

Older people also suffer malnutrition   with less efficient digestive systems, poor health, fewer calories, but it would make sense for them also to be on vitamin and mineral supplements.

Not only would this help reduce the cost of medical prescriptions and consultations, it is a better outcome for many as well as a cheaper alternative.

Think of children without proper nutrition even in our big cities are they getting the correct vitamins and mineral quantities and qualities from the food they eat? So very important for young bodies to have when they are growing bones, muscles and brains.

 The questions always arise could diseases later on in life be a result of poor childhood and adolescent nutrition? 

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