Womens Wasable Incontinence Panties

The panties below are of the highest quality available and contain no chemicals made of high grade cotton for your comfort and convenience.

Many women who suffer from urinary incontinence are sometimes forced to wear pads and diapers that are not only unattractive but also unfeminine.

Panties are in 5 sizes: Small (81-90cm), Medium (91-100cm), Large 101-110cm), Extra large (111-120cm)and Extra extra large(121-130cm.

The most common comment we receive from people is the panties are so comfortable and stylish to wear.

The built in pad has an absorbency of over 100ml.That is equivalent to about 1/4 of a cup plus of fluid.

These type of panties will suit ladies who suffer from light bladder leakage( LBL) and worry about the little accidents happening.

They are priced at A$19.95 each, should last over 150 washes and come in white.

Purchasing 3 pair will mean a free delivery charge.

Washable Panties CA1350
Washable Panties CA1355
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