Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Weight loss and Incontinence are Connected.

Why is that?

Apart from being toxic to your body excess fat exerts extra pressure on all your organs and at the bottom of your body just above the groin area are the pelvic floor muscles which also house the bladder and the bowel.

The pelvic floor muscles support all the organs above it ,stop everything falling out so to speak! As well as performing miraculous functions everyday like, control urinating, bowel motions, orgasms, intercourse, child birth and a satisfactory sex life just to mention a few.

The problem is all the excess weight above and in the body makes all these vital functions struggle to work and overtime the added weight and pressure causes problem by weakening the muscles and ultimately incontinence arises.

Overall ,weight loss is a good thing –the problem is its tough to do for just about everybody right?

Many people go on all sorts of diet fads, but fail –starving themselves which is ultimately self-defeating and never acheiving their desired weight loss.

However its possible to limit the intake of glucose in to the body losing weight will follow. 

Controlling the body’s production of insulin regulates the amount of glucose in your body. This is absolutely vital in reducing your weight.

Glucose belongs to a class of foods called carbohydrates. It is the most abundant of the monosaccharide’s which the simplest carbohydrates are.

Because of its simple structure, glucose can be absorbed readily and directly into the blood from the intestine.

The blood is normally about 0.1% glucose, but after a meal with lots of carbohydrates(like potatoes, rice pasta ect.) the amount of glucose in the blood rises to remain high for a time.

Now the body wants to return to its normal level of around 0.1% ( this is called homeostasis)so to correct this ,the extra glucose is removed from the blood and stored in the liver and muscles as a complex carbohydrate called glycogen.

If quick energy is released with high activity, the stored glycogen is converted back into glucose and normally this would OK.

But if the glycogen storage areas are full then excess glucose is converted into fat and stored as fat. Over time it accumulates till we become obese or it seriously impacts the individual's health.

When people have diabetes glucose is not used by the body cells and the amount of glucose in the blood remains abnormally high and this creates problems and people put on weight and incurs a whole range of problems like incontinence, diabetes, cardio vascular problems and so on.

Glucose and Corn Syrup

Glucose is made from starch; its commercial name is dextrose. It comes in many forms but the most common is corn syrup.This is often referred to as sweet poison.

This product is used in foods and beverages, sweets, chocolate, baked goods, canned fruits, soft drinks and many other common goods you buy in the supermarket. Its been said consuming these products with  corn syrup in them , is like pouring fat down your throat.

Carbohydrates convert to glucose which is also found in: flour, breads, pasta, rice, carrots, potatoes, milk, and some fruits –but essentially in all the white stuff. All these will keep the weight on so by stopping eating them will have a dramatic effect on weight loss.

The problem with this change in eating habits many people find it extremely hard to stop eating them.


The picture here shows a lady who has lost a lot of weight.

We have all seen these pictures in many ads and commercials for weight loss programs and wondered what will happen in six months after she comes off her diet?

Will she revert to her old habits like most people and put the weight back on or will she keep it off?

I am pleased to tell you she has kept it off 4 years and still maintains her healthy weight.

If you would like to drop weight and keep it off and do it without starving and living on rabbit food and not do exercise then perhaps you might like to consider clicking here and read some amazing stories about people who have lost 10kg, 20 kg, 40kg 60 kg and are now healthier and happier with more energy than they have ever been.

Sound too good to be true...............not really.

Many health issues people have today are weight related.No one likes looking in the mirror and seeing the size they have become .We feel locked in some food trap and can't seem to get out of,too busy working or too tired to bother struggling with a diet and then put it all back on again a few month later.

Sound familiar?

But seriously if you want to lose weight you can without effort and without hours of sweating and struggling.

Looking costs nothing and you might learn something!

I lost 20kg and still with time to go plan to lose another 20kg and I am no exercise or diet freak so if I can do it so can you.I have more energy now than I did 20 years ago and like you I was a skeptic ,but take a look thats all you need do and it could help you too.

Good luck!


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