Women and Incontinence

The vast majority of sufferers of incontinence are women.

It can be a heavy price women pay for having single or multiple births in earlier years of their lives.

In many instances it need not be the case, but because of neglect in those early years to the pelvic floor region of her body , many women later in life suffer the consequences of this.

Raising children ,sometimes without much help from the partner and coping with everyday stresses of life means she often overlooks taking care of herself which takes a few minutes a day to guard against the onset of incontinence in later years and sometimes not too later either.

In Korea it is strongly recomended that all women afer having babies train on the kegel exerciser before leaving hospital . This teaches them how to do the exercises and more importantly get those muscles back in shape before the process of incontinence sets in later.

We will discuss a range of different health issues ,but the most important thing to learn from this website is to take care of your body and be aware of the consequences before its too late.

There are now all sorts of procedures to try and correct  damage done from earlier oversight many women had in their child bearing years and most of them are never really satisfactory .However Colposuspension is now quite a common procedure for women with stress incontinence.Another is sling surgery which is again slightly different in its approach. All are designed to minimise  incontinence after all else has failed.Hysterectomy is again a major procedure for any woman 

One procedure which has been attempted by clinicians to repair incontinence in women is trans vaginal mesh surgery.It has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons -I encourage you to read this information.

Endometriosis is another complication affecting many women and many have found success in treating this disease themselves click below if you are interested in the treatment below.


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