Can taking zinc prevent prostate cancer?

 Zinc is an essential mineral for human wellbeing?

Zinc works in many ways but here are some of the critical functions zinc helps in:

1.     Zinc works as an antioxidant 

2.     Zinc is especially important in protecting men from prostate cancer

3.     Zinc protects the body from DNA damage and this is critical in the prevention of cancer

4.     Zinc is also critical in over 300 biochemical reactions in the body.

5.     Zinc is an anti-inflammatory agent

Zinc performs a wide range of cellular processes, including cell division, proliferation, immunity, defense against free radicals, genetic viability

 According to the USDA’s 1996 Continuing Survey of Food Intakes, over 70% of Americans do not consume the recommended daily allowance for zinc, which is 8 mg for women and 11 mg for men.

Although severe zinc deficiency is rare, 10% of individuals do not consume even half of the RDA for zinc, indicating that a significant percentage of the population may be marginally zinc deficient.Therefore a sensible diet with good vegetables and protein could be start to increasing zinc levels.

Much of the food we buy in super markets is depleted in minerals and taking supplements is recommended.

Signs of Zinc Deficiency include:

stunted growth, impaired childbirth, neuropathy, decreased appetite, diarrhea, dermatitis, hair loss, bleeding, hypotension, and hypothermia. Zinc deficiency affects many biological systems because of zinc’s essential role in many aspects of cellular metabolism.

Populations that are at high risk include infants and young children, whose requirements for zinc are high. In addition, the elderly have an increased risk of zinc deficiency because zinc absorption may become impaired with age. The elderly also tend to consume low-zinc diets.

Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in American men, but cause of prostate cancer is not definitive, but factors include family history, age, and diet.

The normal human prostate accumulates the highest level of zinc of any soft tissue in the body.

But cancerous prostates have lower zinc levels than normal with several studies attributing a deficient zinc level to the development and progression of prostate malignancy.

Evidence has shown by increasing dietary zinc can decrease the incidence of prostate cancer.

Changes in intracellular zinc affect DNA damage and repair, which means an increase or decrease of cancer.

Taking zinc supplements may not only aid in the prevention of cancer, but could also play an important role in limiting its malignancy.

Zinc plays a critical role in protecting DNA from damage. Zinc also functions as an anti-inflammatory agent and can promote programmed cell death.

Although several studies have shown that high cellular zinc levels inhibit prostate cancer cell growth, a recent epidemiological study showed increased risk for prostate cancer in men who took high-dose zinc supplements.(over 100mg/day or long-term (more than 10 years) zinc supplement use.

The tolerable upper intake level for zinc is 40 mg/day, established by the U.S. Institute of Medicine.

Therefore in conclusion zinc supplementation will be beneficial in decreasing susceptibility to prostate cancer by protecting from oxidative damage, enhancing DNA repair, and limiting uncontrolled cell proliferation.

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